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Explore 2050, Kaspersky Security experts reveal future security

(Translated from Chinese using Google Translator)

In 2017, the global network security company Kaspersky Lab announced the launch of the Earth 2050 project (Earth 2050): an accumulation for the next 30 years of social and technological development forecast interactive multimedia projects. The project participant - Kaspersky Security expert Vladimir Dashchenko will come to the third session of the China Internet Security Summit 2017 with the Earth 2050 project in August, revealing the future of  world Safety.

In 30 years from now, what will our lives look like? Can a single building meet the needs of human life? Can the toilet analyze your excretia? By using holographic teaching methods will students choose their own school time? Kaspersky Lab's use of VR technology to build the 2050 future interactive map - Earth 2050, will show us after 30 years  the future scene. The project allows users to explore the faces of several well-known cities in 2050, 2040 and 2030. The entire scene is similar to Google Street View, and every city and experience comes from feedback and advice from Kaspersky experts, futurists and random site users.

In the face of the unknown world after 30 years, Vladimir Dashchenk hopes to share his expertise and experience and encourage more careful understanding of the safety of future technologies. August 15-16, Vladimir Dashchenk will focus on the theme of "Bright Future Or Dark Ages" at the main venue of the CSS2017 to explore what kind of world the planet will be in the future and how human beings should respond to unknown challenges. For example, if all of our lives are digitized, how can we protect our privacy? If people put all the equipment into the body and store the data in the cloud, how can we protect the data?

Previously, Vladimir Dashchenko participated in the GeekPwn2016 Carnival Shanghai station competition, the "smart city" public facilities security risks were fully analyzed. At that time, he and Kaspersky's other security expert Denis Makrushin together from the city street terminal equipment to most of the payment service computer terminal, from the city hall to the airport, from the taxi back seat monitor to the highway camera and a series of crack.

Over the past 20 years, Kaspersky Lab has been focused on fighting cybercrime, witnessing the threat of cyber attacks as time evolves and escalates. In the face of frequent worldwide cyber security incidents in recent years, Kaspersky's security experts say that while technologies such as unmanned vehicles, intelligent infrastructures, and global physicians share medical data instantly, these technologies still have a lot of problems. The emergence of each technology will give cybercriminals  new opportunities, or will become criminals to attack the network "big kill device." The main venue in the CSS2017, Vladimir Dashchenk will also be by the world's number one legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick, Tencent basaltic laboratory responsible person "TK leader" Yu Yang, University of California, Berkeley Professor Dawn Song, great founder And CEO Wang Qi, know the CEO of Zhao Wei, a number of the world's top security experts together to participate in the theme of "network 'big kill device' security road" roundtable discussion.

As the first platform for new network security, CSS2017 by Tencent, China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute and other enterprises and institutions co-founded, and has been the State Network Office, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Public Security and other national departments of the strong support and guidance. August 15-16, the General Assembly will be "new security order, to connect new opportunities" as the theme, for hot Internet security issues in-depth discussion for China's Internet security industry and development opportunities for a comprehensive interpretation of the pulse, for the industry "digital Economic "transformation of ideas.

In addition to Vladimir Dashchenk, the CSS2017 attracted the "world number one legend hacker" Kevin Mitnick, IBM Security global chief information security architect Chenta Lee, China Electronic Technology Group Corporation chief engineer Wu Manqing academician, international payment giant Visa vice chairman and chief Risk officer Ellen Richey (Ai Ruiqi) and many other world's top security experts, as well as more than 500 top all enterprises a total of security.

Source: Sina

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