EVENT REVIEW: The Innovation Fund explores a world without secrets

Innotalk on March 22 stood on the side of cyber security. Experts took the temperature of the threat and its business potential,

and Kevin Mitnick - formerly "most wanted" by the FBI - live-hacked a healthy horror in the life of the audience.

Tech nerds, experts and the world's most famous hacker entered the National Museum when the Eighth Innotalk fund ran out of stock for a sold out event.

Vice Chairman Anja Boisen welcomed, followed by Education and Research Minister Søren Pind, who shared his vision for an education system with a wary eye on cyber security.

Danmarks Nationalbank's René Thomsen and Thomas Lund-Sørensen from the Norwegian Defense Intelligence Service painted a picture of how vulnerable Denmark really is - and Deloitte's Ole Haugaard Madsen made an insight into how cyber threats can be reversed.

The world's most famous hacker talked about hacking joyrides through over 40 giant security systems, ending the FBI 's most wanted list and ending in jail-while living on stage showed how easy one can access everything from companies personal accounts network.

Director of the Innovation Fund, Peter Høngaard Andersen, was even shocked when the fund began working on the report "The future market for cybersecurity in Denmark" with Deloitte and Alexandra Institute.

"When we started, we were really shaken: Only a few people have the necessary top skills in Denmark. Five professors and a total of 20 researchers are on the right level, and each may train three to four others a year. We need to prioritize our resources so that universities can train more and accelerate research in the field.

Peter Høngaard Andersen and Thomas Brun, partner and leader of Deloitte's Risk Advisory, see clear opportunities for business adventures. They write in Berlingske Business :

- For companies and entrepreneurs in the IT sector, who can and will, there will be major growth opportunities in two areas of cyber security in the coming years: basic solutions for all and network solutions, especially for industry and infrastructure. The Innovation Fund hopes to get far more applications for co-financing for projects that engage in cyber security.

This event review and other fascinating information can be found at the source.

Source: Innovationsfonden.dk

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