EVENT REVIEW: Deciphering the Hacker’s Code

ePLDT officially launches suite of cybersecurity solutions for safer, more technologically adept businesses

ePLDT, the country’s industry-leading enabler of digital business solutions, kicks off the year with the most advanced and extensive portfolio of cyber safety and security solutions for local enterprises at The Hacker’s Code in Shangri-La at the Fort.

As the Philippines’ premier cyber security specialist, ePLDT provides expertise and end-to-end solutions to businesses to ensure that their growth is not stunted by digital threats — thriving on its pool of experts that help enterprises analyze and respond to evolving cyber threats.

The event, which was co-presented with global IT security provider Check Point Software Technologies, was attended by over 500 customers and partners from the Contact Center Association of the Phils (CCAP), Phil. Retailers Association (PRA), Semiconductor and Electronics Industries of the Phils (SEIPI), as well as guests from the banking and finance industry, manufacturing, healthcare, BPO and government sectors.

“Being one of the emerging economies of the region, the Philippines is also considered one of the biggest targets for cyberterrorists, cybercriminals, and nation-state sponsored hackers. In response, we at PLDT Enterprise and ePLDT have pioneered efforts in the education and empowerment of businesses. Cyber security should no longer be viewed as ‘optional’, especially in today’s constantly changing landscape. As cyber threats become more complex, we at the Enterprise Group assure our customers that we can provide them with equally evolving and sophisticated services that can keep them protected,” stated SVP & Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Groups Jovy Hernandez.

For a thorough discussion and exclusive look into the minds of cyber attackers, ePLDT invited the World’s Most Famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick — who gained notoriety in the 90s as one of FBI’s most wanted for hacking over 40 top US corporations — just for the challenge. In his keynote speech, Mitnick highlighted the threat of social engineering and the need to combat it with security awareness training for staff at all levels of an organization. He also stressed the need for regular security penetration testing and monitoring as being part of a truly successful cybersecurity model.

ePLDT Group’s SVP and Chief Operating Officer Nerisse Ramos then took the stage to introduce the company’s extensive cybersecurity portfolio, elaborating the roles of key decision makers in every organization to be more proactive in implementing a cyber security strategy. “The threats we all face are evolving and becoming more advanced at an alarmingly rapid rate. It is critical that we are ready and we accept that no company or individual is 100% safe from any breach. Thus, as business leaders and protectors of your organizations, you can no longer afford to be ill-prepared in today’s world. Preparedness means being ready before, during and after an attack.”

ePLDT’s business framework is built on three pillars to form a truly holistic and secure ecosystem. The first covers the cyber security consultation, including risk management and vulnerability assessment, while the second covers management of security platforms by our pool of experts — both very important as most businesses are still not fully equipped with dedicated security personnel who possess the required skills and practices. The third pillar covers the incident response, which includes the proactive monitoring and response to cyberattacks.

ePLDT Group Chief Information Security Officer Angel Redoble further elaborated ePLDT’s capabilities, showcasing the company’s Security Operations Center, which serves as the central enabler of its cyber security services. The Security Operations Center provides the facilities, expertise, frameworks, and threat intelligence, giving visibility in advance into potential threats and real-time detection of attacks that could affect business-critical IT assets through its Predictive, Preventive, Detective and Responsive cyber security approach. 

Concluding the event, PLDT/Smart EVP & Chief Revenue Officer & ePLDT President and CEO Eric R. Alberto reiterated the significance of these new solutions in accordance with the group’s goal of building a more cyber-aware Philippines. “We at the PLDT Group have always been at the forefront of mind-shaping both consumers and enterprises on how they can stay safe and protected from digital threats in this age of cyber terrorism, malware, and identity theft. ePLDT’s holistic business framework addresses the most fundamental and critical need of ensuring protection from attacks online: education and empowerment of a technologically competent workforce. A truly smart workplace will provide the cornerstone of a truly smart business."

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Source: PLDT

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