Digital cities. How does technology change metropolises?

Imagine a future in which garbage containers themselves inform you that they are full, at bus stops, timetables change "live", intelligent street lamps turn on only after motion detection or billboards that not only advertise but also purify the air. Smart cities are not just a dream about the future. Thanks to advanced and ubiquitous technologies, what looked like a cadre from a science fiction movie recently was a reality of some Polish cities.

Researchers say that urban life, even if we take into account air pollution and higher levels of stress, is more beneficial to people than rural life . According to World Bank forecasts, over 2.5 billion people will emigrate to cities within the next 30 years. The European Commission's report predicts that by 2050 more than 70 percent. population will live in cities. In order to cope with such a rapid development of the metropolis, it is necessary to use the most modern technologies and technologies .

Digital cities. Polish and world experience

After all, a smart city is a modern urban community that skilfully uses technology to improve the efficiency of basic public services. How to do it? This will apply to one of the discussion panels at the Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference .

On DIGITAL POLAND STAGE during the discussion panel "Digital Cities. Polish and world experience ", we will talk about the impact of digitization on the development of urban agglomerations, both Polish and global. The discussion will also focus on the impact that technology has on urban residents and how it translates into an increase in the quality of life in cities . Experts, including Maciej Mironiuk from Visa, Michał Krauze from T-Mobile Polska, Emil Kamiński from Ghelamco, Marek Przytula from Indoorway and Igor Zacharjasz from the Visa Innovation Incubator, will talk about about barriers to the implementation of modern urban solutions and how to overcome these barriers.

Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference

The Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference will be divided into three thematic zones: FINTECH , LIFE SCIENCE, BUSINESS 4.0. and DIGITAL POLAND STAGE . During two days, which will be attended by up to 1000 people from the world of media, science, marketing and business, there are speeches, debates and workshops with speakers, including Kevin Mitnick, the world's most famous hacker and author of books, or Igor Bogicevic, CTO and founder of Seven Bridges Genomics, a company that builds a database of genomes. 

In addition, there will appear: the creators of AeroMobil, a company creating flying cars, Thomas Krogh Jensen, managing director of Copenhagen FinTech, an organization that wants to create in the capital of Denmark a fintech hub for the financial industry or Atanas Raykov, Director Business Development CIS & CEE in Viber, a company offering popular messenger around the world. The conference will also be attended by prof. Felix Oberholzer-Gee, responsible at Harvard Business School for research on business strategies, especially in the field of media.

What is Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS

This is a conference at which trends on the global market will be discussed . During the meeting world-class experts will answer how the modern world of finance, media, new technologies, medicine and health is changing and what the world will be living in the next 2-3 years.

INSIDE TRENDS is to be one of the most important events regarding business trends in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The event is organized by Business Insider Polska, the second largest platform in the BI portfolio in terms of size and scope.

About 1000 people from the world of business, marketing, science and media will take part in the Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference , who will have the chance to meet in one place and exchange experiences.

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