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CSS2017: Focus on the new path of security under the open cooperation to build a new ecological safety

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August 15, the third China Internet Security Summit (Cyber Security Summit 2017, referred to as "CSS2017") in Beijing National Convention Center officially kicked off. As the sponsor of the CSS security summit, Tencent has joined hands with more than 500 top companies and "the world's number one legendary hacker" Kevin Mitnick, Kaspersky Lab security expert Vladimir Dashchenko, Tencent safety basaltic laboratory "TK leader" Yu Yang and many other The world's top security experts a total of security.

It is understood that the summit by the Tencent, China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute and other enterprises and institutions co-founded by the State Network letter, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Public Security and other national departments to support and guidance, is the world's largest Internet industry security Exchange event. During the conference, leaders from all walks of life focus on the theme of "new security order and new opportunity" to discuss the latest development trend of global network security, share the cutting edge security technology and research results, and comprehensively interpret the development of China's Internet security industry and development opportunities. Industry "digital economy" transformation and suggestions.

Digital economy era, how to achieve their own development while maintaining good network security, as the traditional industry and the Internet industry is facing common challenges. In the morning roundtable forum, Tencent Vice President Ding Ke, Visa Vice Chairman and Chief Risk Officer Ellen Richey (Ai Ruiqi), China Unicom Information Division General Manager Sun Shizhen, State Grid Corporation Information and Communication Director Wang Jiye, China Information Security Wang Jun, the chief engineer of the evaluation center, gathered to focus on the challenges and opportunities of Internet security in the new environment, and explored the security of the traditional industry and the Internet industry under the new order.

Network security into a new order, industry cooperation to become a consensus

The implementation of the Internet Security Act of June 1 means that the digital economy will enter a new stage of law and order, and enterprises need to better implement the Internet Security Law. Participants agreed that the new order of the Internet companies are facing enormous challenges, but also ushered in an unprecedented opportunity.

Ding Ke pointed out that under the new order, network security, information security field is mainly facing three aspects of the challenges and threats. Second, corporate responsibility is more clear, each enterprise has a clear responsibility to protect the user's property and privacy and security; Third, the user's privacy protection, In the system of law and system, the "Network Security Law" will provide guidance for industry cooperation, with the industry-wide emphasis on network security, increased investment in network security will lead to greater space The network security market and more cooperation possible.

The financial industry, as one of the most concentrated areas of cyber security threats, faces a variety of security challenges such as large-scale data leaks, stolen funds, and business disruptions. Eden Richey, vice chairman and chief risk officer of Visa, said that the boundaries of payment protection now have been extended from the past to protect the user's payment behavior to protect the data and incorporate the personal information associated with the transaction data Protection range. At the same time, Visa and manufacturers across the field to improve the security of technology and equipment for mobile finance escort. For example, the cloud solution provided by IBM Watson ensures technology security and avoids potential network attacks.

With the evolution of technology, the two years for the basic carrier of telecommunications network attacks are changing and upgrading, especially in the black industry chain driven by the interests of the use of network vulnerabilities or information leakage attacks on the number of rising. Sun Xingzhen, general manager of China Unicom Information Department, said China Unicom in response to these attacks in addition to tracking and early warning, improve the means of protection, the establishment of a more comprehensive emergency response mechanisms and systems, but also actively with Tencent and other Internet security companies work closely with The industry's latest security results, and constantly enrich and improve their own means of protection and protection capabilities.

Under the new order of security: adhere to personnel training, security protection system construction and open cooperation

In the face of the new challenges under the new order, Ding Ke said Tencent will be in the personnel training, the overall security system to build and large data, open and shared core technology three levels continue to force. As the sponsor of the CSS Security Leadership Summit, Tencent has been promoting and establishing a new system of open and collaborative safety and ecology, continuously strengthening its own security research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities, and output stronger technical strength to the whole industry. Chain collaboration on the security system on the continuous efforts.

In order to help users cope with increasingly complex network risks, Tencent security has long been committed to the accumulation of security areas leading technology strength and experience, to create a Tencent security joint laboratory, Tencent security cloud library, Tencent mobile phone housekeeper, Tencent computer housekeeper, Tencent WiFi Housekeeper, Tencent guardian plan, including the strongest security matrix, the telecommunications network fraud, Trojan virus attacks and other security threats to achieve a comprehensive, multi-scene defense and containment. In July 2016, Tencent set up Tencent security joint laboratory, and launched Hawkeye, Kirin system, Tencent joint public security, banks, operators and other parties to jointly build the "guardian plan."

For Tencent, security is not only Tencent's core strategy, but also an important manifestation of social responsibility, Tencent has always insisted on open, cooperative and shared the concept of constant output to the domestic and international security strength. 2016 Tencent security joint laboratory found that Google, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and other international manufacturers a total of 269 loopholes, ranking first in the country. In addition, Tencent has repeatedly worked with Apple to provide harassing phone calls and spam messages for iOS systems, providing built-in Tencent security cloud library capabilities for Safari browsers to achieve fraudulent Web site identification.

In the training of safe personnel, Tencent security to explore information security personnel training new mechanism, use their own advantages to create network security personnel training closed-loop, for the domestic security industry continued "blood." Tencent security initiated and held the Tencent Information Security Competition (TCTF), by the Tencent security joint laboratory 7 head of the head and dozens of senior network security teacher composed of star instructor group, for the selection of students through the game to guide, And the excellent players transported to the international arena, to race Dailian, to promote the training of actual combat personnel, the establishment of information security professionals training closed-loop.

Improve safety awareness, adhere to open collaboration, build a healthy new ecological environment

With the deepening of the Internet and the integration of open, different areas of business opportunities for cross-border cooperation increased, the degree of deepening, the security industry and other industries interact, and gradually establish a linkage of the ecological strategy system. And the face of the new order under the opportunities and challenges, but also need the government, industry, enterprises to establish a collaborative mechanism of cooperation, but also need to have more capacity to play an exemplary role in the enterprise. The enterprises and governments, represented by Tencent, Visa, China Unicom, National Grid and China Information Security Evaluation Center, will continue to promote and establish an open and collaborative new system of safe ecology and the CSS Security Leadership Summit as an important international security platform. Will continue to promote the international network security cooperation mechanism landing.

At the end of the roundtable forum, the host, Finance and Media Group Chief Strategy Officer Duan Yongchao concluded that in the current security situation, ordinary consumers should always be vigilant, improve safety awareness, but also to enhance public safety and safety of others In the same way, regulators and government agencies need to play a leading role in building a better platform to promote the construction of new networks of network security. In addition, the security of customer data should be protected as an asset.

It is understood that, CSS2017 brought much more than the wonderful content of these, in addition to the August 15 morning roundtable forum, the General Assembly will also focus on financial security, large data and cloud security, artificial intelligence and security ethics, security, governance, Facilities security, intelligent hardware and Internet security, cyberspace threat perception, network security standardization and other multi-dimensional issues to start with the industry leaders to explore the new environment and the situation under the network security of the new order to build, secure connection digital economy new development opportunities.

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