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Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS. In Warsaw about global business trends

(Translated from Polish using Google)

The world's most-famous hacker Kevin Mitnick, the creator of the flying car Juraj Vaculik and the founder of the company creating algorithms replacing testing of drugs in humans Igor Bogicevic are speakers of Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS. The event will take place at the Koneser Praga Center in Warsaw on October 18 and 19, 2018.

  • Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS guests will answer the questions about how new technologies will change the world of business, science and medicine in the coming years
  • The event will take place on October 18 and 19 this year at the Koneser Praga Center in Warsaw
  • Among the announced guests is world's most famous hacker Kevin Mitnick

During the meeting, guests will answer questions about how new technologies will change the world of business, science and medicine in the coming years. The event is organized by Business Insider Polska, supported by the remaining 18 entities of this brand from other countries.

Nowadays, almost every industry has to face the rapid pace of technological progress. The media and advertising market has already undergone its transformation, although another, even larger change is just coming along with the growing popularity of voice interfaces, augmented reality and big data. The way in which we develop our marketing strategy has already changed a lot, but we still have a lot of learning ahead of us - says Jovan Protic, COO of Grupa Onet-RAS Polska.

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence will forever change the financial market as well. Much is being said, but we can rarely find simple answers and understandable information that we could use to develop strategies for the fintech segment, Protic explains. - The food that we will eat will be produced with the enormous participation of technology and data, and medical diagnostics is currently in the process of transformation and will make greater use of technological solutions. The drugs we will take will be even better adapted to our genome - he adds.

We invite you to learn about new trends directly from experts in this field. INSIDE TRENDS is specific and practical advice that can be applied in the 2-3 year perspective, and which will help to better adapt the strategy for the future - says Jovan Protic.

What is Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS?

Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS is an event that will discuss trends in the global market. During the meeting world-class experts will answer how the modern world of finance, media, new technologies, medicine and health is changing and what the world will be living in the next 2-3 years.

INSIDE TRENDS is to be one of the most important events regarding business trends in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The event is organized by Business Insider Polska, the second largest platform in the BI portfolio in terms of size and scope. About 1000 people from the world of business, marketing, science and media will take part in the Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference, who will have the chance to meet in one place and exchange experiences.

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Source: wiadomosci.onet

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