BOOK REVIEW: Safe or Sorry?

Former hacker makes a dismal account of your online privacy in the era of tech giants soaking up all our private information. Simple precautions, however, might do a lot of good.

The Art of Invisibility
Kevin Mitnick
Little, Brown and Company, USA, 2017

Internet privacy

Being invisible on the web almost sounds like utopia. Most people have accepted that every click is stored by tech giants like Google. If you’ve read my articles, you know by now that not just browsing is stored but also GPS locations and Wi-Fi networks you encounter.

Former hacker Kevin Mitnick, shares his inside knowledge in The Art of Invisibility; an upsetting look into the world of online privacy. But why even bother to protect yourself from online tracking? What can companies do with all the gathered information of you and others using their services?

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Source: Modern Times Review

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