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BOOK REVIEW: Hacker knows best: Privacy tips from Kevin Mitnick

This security expert knows all the tricks for stealing your personal information. His new book tells you how to keep your data safe.

Kevin Mitnick knows all the ways your privacy could be violated through your phone, computer and tablet.

An incorrigible hacker since he was a teenager, Mitnick eventually spent almost five years in prison for computer crimes. Now on the right side of the law, Mitnick works as a consultant who turns his skills on paying customers who want to know where their vulnerabilities lie.

Usually, he can find a way to get to a business' crown jewels, whether that be its intellectual property or the personal data of their customers. But you're vulnerable, too, he says.

Mitnick's new book aims to help everyone -- from the everyday internet users to the hardcore paranoid -- do a better job of keeping personal information private. "The Art of Invisibility," released Tuesday, covers a range of topics that some readers might find overwhelming. From creating secure passwords to sending encrypted email, there's no dearth of ways you can try to keep your data to yourself.

There's even a section on protecting your data from Customs and Border Patrol when you enter the United States.

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Source: CNET

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