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Pros and Cons of Vulnerability Scanning vs Penetration Testing

When it comes to an organization’s cybersecurity, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing can protect your business from threat actors. But what are the differences, and when should you use one over the other?

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What Is Included in a Vulnerability Assessment Report?

To keep bad actors at bay, most businesses will have their system software regularly scanned for high-level security vulnerabilities. Sometimes after a scan, a cyber security professional assesses the results. These professionals often weed out false positives and offer recommendations for improving your defenses in the form of a vulnerability assessment report (VA report).   

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What Is a Security Vulnerability Assessment?

When it comes to online security, you want to find the issues before cyber criminals figure it out for you. Penetration tests, or pentests, are annual tests that use social engineering and other rigorous testing methods to find exploitable vulnerabilities in your systems. However, what about the months, or years, in between full-scale pentests?

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