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How to Prioritize Your Pentesting Report’s Remediation Recommendations

If you recently received a penetration test, you’re on the right track to improving your cybersecurity posture. However, you may be wondering what the next step is.

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Red Team Testing vs. Penetration Testing

As the cost of cyber attacks continues to grow — in 2023, the worldwide cost of cyber attacks reached $8 trillion and, by 2025, the total cost is estimated to hit $10.5 trillion — now is the time to prioritize cybersecurity testing for your organization.

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Choosing a Penetration Testing Company for Mac-based Environments

Powering your business with Apple devices because of their reputable security and privacy features? You may be surprised to learn that while Apple devices are typically perceived as safer than Windows-based PCs, they are far from impervious to cyber attacks. In fact, companies such as Sony have been successfully breached by threat actors while using these products.

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The True Cost of a Data Breach: What You Need To Know

Data breaches are one of the most dangerous security incidents a company can experience, leaving affected organizations with negative repercussions that last well beyond the remediation period. With data breaches on the rise, it’s vital to ensure your enterprise’s network is fortified to protect against these catastrophic attacks.

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Understanding the Scope of A Penetration Test

Penetration testing puts your security systems to the test so you can see if your security framework can withstand a cyber attack.

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PCI Testing: Everything You Need To Know

Penetration testing is crucial for businesses to help ensure that their security posture will stand against threat actors. For businesses that handle credit and debit card information, keeping data secure is all the more important, as the financial services industry was the second-highest-targeted sector by hackers in 2022.

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The 4 Phases of Penetration Testing

So, you’ve done your research on penetration testing and are ready for the pentest engagement. But before you choose just any pentesting vendor, it’s vital that you understand the ins and outs of a penetration test engagement, including its four main phases.

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What is Web Application Penetration Testing?

Is your company in the process of developing a new application? There are a lot of moving parts involved in developing and deploying cutting-edge applications, whether they are internal apps designed for employee use or external, public-facing apps. 

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Before Choosing a Penetration Testing Company, Ask These 5 Questions

Whether your organization has been the victim of a recent data breach or has never had expert penetration testing done before, it’s probably time to call in cybersecurity experts. The right cybersecurity company can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your networks and systems so you can improve your security posture and stay ahead of threat actors. 

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6 FAQs From CISOs About the Pentesting Process

As a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), you have the responsibility of not only directing your organization’s security but also conveying your risk status to leadership. The stakes are high. According to Cybersecurity Magazine, 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months of falling victim to a data breach or cyber attack.

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