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Penetration Testing Service Considerations for Multinational Enterprise Corporations

Multinational corporations face unique challenges when considering the best approach to penetration testing. 

The penetration testing methods used by organizations whose operations are conducted within one region won't provide the whole picture for an organization whose operations span the globe. 

This article will cover some of the essential considerations that multinational enterprise corporations should take when pursuing a successful penetration testing engagement. 

More Humans, More Risks

Multinational organizations typically have many more employees to worry about than domestic-exclusive brands. 

Humans are often considered the weakest link in security, and the most popular type of cyber-attack is focused directly on them. With more employees, the attack surface is substantially larger. It is vital that any penetration test conducted against the organization considers the number of employees and thoroughly assesses each department. 

Not every pentesting company performs social engineering assessments, so large, enterprise-level organizations must partner with a firm specializing in this area of expertise. 

Use Pentesting Services To Assess Offensive Security

As penetration tests can often be costly, it may be very tempting to perform an in-house and internal pentest. 

While in-house DIY penetration tests may uncover some of the organization's risks and threats, third-party assessments are almost always more thorough than a DIY approach. Why? Security personnel generally focus on defensive security and lack knowledge of the most up-to-date and cutting-edge offensive techniques. 

Third-party firms employ ethical hackers who focus all of their attention on offensive security and, therefore, have a much better understanding of actual attackers' current techniques. Read more about why a comprehensive penetration testing plan is more important now than ever before. 

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Pentesting Company

A penetration testing partner that is the perfect fit for one organization may not be the ideal fit to partner with your organization. 

For instance, an organization hoping to test their web application wouldn't want to hire a testing firm that could only specialize in social engineering attacks. Additionally, a multinational organization with employees and offices in various countries and timezones would benefit from partnering with a firm with security testers who are also in multiple timezones— which would not be as important to an organization operating out of one location. 

A partner with experience working with enterprise organizations and other multinational corporations can help navigate communication internally and any legal issues that may arise. 

Multinational Corporations Are Uniquely Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Due to their size, enterprise organizations and multinational organizations are appealing to attackers and uniquely vulnerable. As such, any partner penetration testing organization should have the resources and tools to attack and test the organization's vulnerabilities uniquely. 

Dispersed and remote enterprise penetration testers can devise custom attack methods and navigate an organization's many timezone restrictions.

Ongoing Pentesting Relationships Are a Key to Security Success

Some penetration testing companies offer "once-and-done" tests, but they are not sufficient to protect an organization. Instead, organizations should seek to partner with a firm that will stay by their side for years to come. 

The initial test is crucial, as it lays the groundwork for a security plan going forward— but retesting is also incredibly valuable and necessary. Attackers are continually coming up with new ways to infiltrate companies, and new vulnerabilities crop up as years pass. 

Corporations should seek to work with a partner that changes with the times and can keep them secure now and in the future. 

Find a Firm That Customizes Their Services to Your Needs

Multinational organizations should seek to partner with a security firm that will provide a customized experience that fits their individual needs. 

During the scoping call, the security firm should ask the organization questions to understand better which types of attacks will be the most effective. If a partner organization doesn't take a customized approach, larger organizations will likely find that not all vulnerabilities have been uncovered. 

Mitnick Security Consulting focuses on each organization's uniqueness and designs enterprise penetration testing plans to identify which areas pose the most significant risk to organizations. 

Learn more about our penetration testing services here, and download our free guide for quick tips for enhancing your cybersecurity posture.

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