Does Kevin Mitnick Still Hack?

Kevin Mitnick is best known for some of his earlier hacks on Motorola and other enterprise companies that earned him a spot on the FBI’s most wanted list. But contrary to the dark, low-brow cybercriminal the media and law enforcement portrayed him as, Kevin’s breaches were never carried out to cause harm. 

Stemming from his curiosity and drive to push his capabilities, Kevin Mitnick’s early hacking days were about the adrenaline rush; he never hacked for personal gain. After the Free Kevin movement, his goals changed — but, does Kevin Mitnick still hack?


Kevin Mitnick’s Hacking Career Today

In short, yes! However, his hacking today doesn’t resemble the same intentions that gained him initial notoriety. Kevin is now a white hat hacker and founder of Mitnick Security Consulting. As head of Mitnick Security, Kevin is trusted as the lead security consultant to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies worldwide. 

Mitnick Security Consulting and Penetration Testing 

With an elite team of cybersecurity experts — The Global Ghost Team — Kevin educates companies on how real-life attackers trick employees and perform data breaches through social engineering and other ground-breaking tactics. When an organization hires Kevin as a cybersecurity consultant, he shows them the vulnerabilities a threat actor could exploit, rather than just explaining them.  

Kevin and The Global Ghost Team most often identify weaknesses in a company’s cybersecurity through the use of pentesting — simulated attacks used to penetrate an organization’s defenses. After the testing is done, the organization receives a detailed report that can strengthen its security posture by following one recommendation at a time.


Chief Hacking Officer of KnowBe4

Where is Kevin Mitnick now? All over! In addition to running Mitnick Security, he is also the Chief Hacking Officer of KnowBe4 — the world’s #1 security awareness training platform. 

Alongside his white hat hacking for Mitnick Security, Kevin Mitnick produces programs for KnowBe4 that train employees about cyber threats at work such as:

  • Social engineering.
  • Spear phishing.
  • Ransomware.

After employees have taken KnowBe4’s programs featuring Kevin, they are better prepared to handle anything threat actors throw at them or their organization. 


Inside the Mind of a Hacker

While Kevin Mitnick may not hack the same way he did prior to the Free Kevin movement, his hacking expertise and know-how allow the general public insight into the mind of a hacker. 

Kevin is a well-known author of several cybersecurity books and is often asked to speak on top networks regarding recent breaches to dissect the way hacks are being performed around the world. 

It’s no secret that Kevin loves the stage and the ability to show his audience how easily a bad actor can hack into even well-protected organizations. He is also often hired as a keynote speaker for in-person and virtual cybersecurity events to bring the truth about cyber security vulnerabilities to his audience in engaging and educational ways.


White Hat Hacking With Kevin Mitnick and The Global Ghost Team

Alongside The Global Ghost Team, Kevin uses his knowledge and white hat hacking skills to test the cybersecurity infrastructure of some of the world’s largest organizations. With their help, these organizations know exactly where their vulnerabilities are and what they can do to resolve them. 

For more information on Kevin and The Global Ghost Team’s white hat hacking and penetration testing, explore our pentesting services.


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