3 Facts About Kevin Mitnick & the Global Ghost Team

Kevin Mitnick and his team of penetration testers, called the Global Ghost Team, are known for helping organizations find weaknesses within their cybersecurity framework through penetration testing. Kevin is a trusted security consultant to Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide. 

Although Kevin Mitnick had a tough journey to White Hat hacking, he and his team now use social engineering and other tactics to improve the cybersecurity posture of organizations by following industry gold standards. Below are three key facts about Kevin Mitnick and the Global Ghost Team.   


1. Kevin Is the #1 Hacker in the World

Considered the most wanted hacker in the world, Kevin started hacking when he was 16 years old. His thrill-seeking — yet masterful — antics and prankster-like hacking exploits drew the attention of millions. 

While Kevin never sold or otherwise used any information he obtained through hacking, his sentence was unforgiving in nature, and the public protested his incarceration in the form of the Free Kevin movement. 

Kevin Mitnick was finally released on January 21, 2014. The notoriety stemming from the Free Kevin movement led Kevin to become one of the most sought-after speakers and consultants in the world. After creating the Global Ghost Team to execute penetration testing and other services, Kevin and his team now travel globally to meet with both private corporations and government agencies as experts on security and social engineering.


2. Kevin and the Global Ghost Team Have a 100% Success Rate

Kevin works closely with the team for every operation. Together, they work with the client and determine what testing is needed and how it will be carried out. Any time social engineering is involved — such as tricking an employee into giving them account access — Kevin and the team have a 100% success rate of carrying out the objectives.  

After the testing is complete, the Global Ghost Team members who participated in the assignment meet with the organization to share their findings.

How Does Kevin Work With the Team? 

Kevin has assembled his team with a focus on specific strategies of hacking companies. Every team member has at least eight years of experience in the field and brings their own unique skill set.

Similar to each vector for pentesting, a pentester has specializations such as webapp, offensive testing (red-teaming), physical assessments, wireless, developing exploits + payloads, and more.

After taking into consideration the specialties of each Global Ghost Team member and the unique requirements of an organization, Kevin chooses which cybersecurity professionals will make up the team for the penetration test. During an engagement, Kevin works moving laterally inside the network to escalate privileges and find the client’s coveted data.

Attributes of Global Ghost Team Members

With advanced certifications such as Offensive Security Certified Professional (OCSP) under their belts, it’s no wonder the Global Ghost Team has never failed to compromise the cyber security of an organization through penetration. 

Some Global Ghost Team members specialize in webapp, mobile app, and external testing. There is also one “Ghost” responsible for maintaining a smooth operation who could be equated to the “Charlie” from the movie, “Charlie’s Angels.”

Together, the team works harmoniously to find and infiltrate an organization’s cybersecurity and use simulated attacks to help educate the organization about potential threats and vulnerabilities.


3. Kevin Works With Leading Law Firms as an Expert Witness

Although once wanted by the FBI himself, Kevin Mitnick now frequently acts as their expert witness during trials involving cybercrime. He even spoke at a hearing in front of the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs.

Kevin Mitnick Now

Alongside the Global Ghost Team, Kevin continues to educate organizations and improve their cybersecurity posture one penetration test at a time.

Additionally, Kevin is a business owner, public speaker, and best-selling author. Companies call daily to get interviews, schedule redteam and security assessments, and book Kevin for webinars months in advance.


The Trusted Choice for Cybersecurity Pentesting

Kevin Mitnick and his Global Ghost Team pride themselves on providing expert services utilizing social engineering and more to help organizations across the globe.

Discover what Kevin Mitnick and the Global Ghost Team can do for your organization today.Request a Pentest


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