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Trump, involved in a conspiracy against Clinton’s privacy

Jul 29, 2016 - ComputerWorld, by Staff

The American Republican candidate asks Russians email hack his electoral rival for private messages.

Russia, if you're listening, I hope to be able to find the 30,000 emails missing," he said during a press conference on Wednesday. "I think it probably will be rewarded handsomely for our press." 

Trump's statements echoed when reporters asked about his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Security experts and government officials have been the possibility that Russian hackers were behind the attack a computer Democratic National Committee that led to WikiLeaks to publish internal emails from the unflattering campaign.

Although some people criticized the position of Trump, through twitter, the candidate seemed to reinforce his words: "If Russia or any other country or person has 33,000 deleted emails illegally Hillary Clinton, maybe you should share with the FBI ".

Republican vice president candidate Mike Pence remained with Trump, however. Pence warned Russia on pirate political parties in the United States . "The FBI econtrará those responsible behind this security breach , " Pence said in a statement. "If it is Russia who is interfering in our elections, I can assure you that both parties and the US government will agree that will have  serious  consequences ."

During the press conference, Trump denied coordination with the Russians over the leak of emails. " I do not know anything about it, " Trump said, "is one of the wilder accusations I've heard." Trump said he has "nothing to do" with Putin and has never met with Russian leader since what squeaks agreed with him in a debate of the year on the television program '60 Minutes'. " I got to know very well because the two were in '60 Minutes ', we were at the same table , " he said Trump.

Several people condemned the apparent encouragement Trump gave the Russians to hack the server Clinton and their supporters suggested that it was only a joke.

" Continue to support Trump supporters in view that it is willing to exploit foreign cyber attacks against political rivals?" Tweeted Stephen Hayes, a writer for the conservative magazine The Weekly Standard. To which Kevin Mitnick, consultant security, added: " Donald Trump invites Russia to hack emails Clinton is not that a violation of the Act Computer Fraud and Abuse?". And Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut called Trump's comments treason during an interview on CNN.

Last week, WikiLeaks published more than 19,000 DNC extracted emails, some of which could undermine support for the Clinton campaign. It is speculated that these violations are a plan of Russian hackers who try to influence the choice as Trump is seen as a favorable candidate for because of his opposition to NATO and other international policies.

The FBI investigated using Clinton for a private server for emails government officials during his time as secretary of state. During this investigation, Clinton delivered more than 30,000 emails to US authorities but also eliminated almost 32,000 for being "personal nature".

Trump, however, suggested that Clinton was trying to hide something by deleting these emails. On Wednesday, he said on twitter that "if they (Russia) has hacked messages Clinton, is likely to have its 30,000 emails deleted. I hope you have them."

The FBI continues to investigate the violation of the DNC , but the intelligence agencies of the United States confident that the Russian government was involved. Russian officials have strongly denied this claim.