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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

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SEE LIVE: KIO Kloud Camp 2017 will boost the growth of companies

Aug 28, 2017 - isopixel, by Raul Ramirez

KIO Kloud Camp 2017, the most important event of technologies in the Cloud, will have 13 national and international speakers that

will talk about the trends that the future of the business needs.

These days it is very common that you get to hear the term "digital transformation", "computation in the cloud", "big data" and other jargons of the technological world, that if you do not get shot, you're going to stay obsolole soon, and more if you have a company or, you are wanting to undertake, and is that the future is here only that you have not heard.

Do not let the revolution pass, better be aware of all the possibilities that technology gives us to grow our business, even more iasthis information is free and is at your fingertips in one of the most important technology events in the cloud that take place in our country.  We refer to the KIO Cloud Camp 2017, to be held on September 7 at Expo Santa Fe in the CDMX.

This year, topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data analytics, Cybersecurity and new trends in global finance (cryptononedas and Fintech , among others) will be addressed , along with more than 9 hours of content that you can listen to presented by 13 speakers of international level, specialists in these and other topics.

Some of the speakers are:

  • Kevin Mitnick - The most famous Hacker in the world who managed to infiltrate the FBI and author of a bestseller in which he tells his story.
  • Alexander Nix - Director of big data company -Cambridge Analytica- who predicted (some say he influenced) the triumph of Trump and Brexit.
  • Constanza Gomez-Mont - The entrepreneur who innovates for a disruptive future and social inclusion.
  • Rossana Fuentes-Berain - One of the most influential journalists and trends scholar who will define the 21st century.
  • Raymond McCauley - The Scientist who is making medicine predictive, even if it means changing the genetic code of his own children.

"KIO Kloud Camp seeks to make people aware that technology must be at the forefront of corporate strategy. We live in times of exponential transformation, in a world where everything is connected and the way we work constantly evolves. For us, the ideal experience of the assistant is to become aware of where the digital transformation is in our organizations. "

- Sergio Rosengaus, CEO of KIO Networks.

The best thing is that KIO Kloud Camp is a free event, but the space is limited, so to attend you just have to register early using the following link: www.kloudcamp.com , and wait for your confirmation code to the event.

The interesting thing is that this year, KIO Kloud Camp opens the doors to entrepreneurs through the initiative Alchemy Labs - formerly The Garage - where 10 startups will expose their projects in front of the audience and five of them will have the possibility to appear at Chronos Fight, a fight against time to prove the viability of your company. KIO Networks will donate services in the Cloud to the most accepted project.

The event will be conducted by the journalist Jean Duverger , the closing concert will be enlivened by the Matute group