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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

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EVENT REVIEW: Kevin Mitnick: the Houdini of hacking shows his tricks in Mexico

Apr 3, 2018 - Tec Review, by Andrea Lopez

The show begins with the musical theme of Mission Impossible , followed by a series of 'tricks' that leave the audience both surprised and alarmed by exclaiming "oh!". But this is not a magic show , but a demonstration of hacking by the American Kevin Mitnick.

It is one of the most famous hackers in history, at some point part of the list of the most wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the mid-nineties captured and imprisoned, accused to penetrate various computer systems of large companies and even government organizations "just for the challenge" that it offered.

After spending around seven years behind bars and being released in 2002, Mitnick decided to change course and start using his talent for his benefit as well as for the rest. Today, he is the CEO of his own cybersecurity consultancy , Mitnick Security Consulting, with clients from both the private and public spheres. In addition, he spends time advising network users on how to protect their information and prevent damage.

"Today I do it ( hack ) with authorization and, in addition, they pay me! Added to this, I offer a service that allows improving the security of all. It's a fantastic race! ", Said this April 2 in front of the attendees to Talent Land 2018 that takes place in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The 'wizard' of hacking

During his presentation, Kevin Mitnick captivated the audience with demonstrations of how he can take control of a computer, including his microphone and camera, just by sending malware disguised as a PDF file; how you can access a building by cloning an access card just by passing it; and even how to circumvent an e-commerce to transform a 5,000 dollar account into one of less than 300.

And his act closed with a flourish: an exhibition of the 'simple' that is to launch an attack capable of hijacking the information stored on any computer, similar to the ransomware WannaCry .

But the public also showed concern for their own safety. Faced with this, the hack 'wizard' always recommended keeping the operating system of electronic devices updated, using strong passwords and investing in security mechanisms. Even, he urged those present to test these tools when trying to hack them with 'tricks' like yours, as long as it is on their own computers and with their own accounts.

And it is no coincidence, he confessed, that his presentation reminds the viewer of a magic show . "My fondness for evading security systems was born of my passion for the tricks I saw as a child," he said, "years before I became a false identity as Eric Weiss", real name of the famous magician Houdini and that Mitnick used while he was a fugitive. .

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