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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

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Kevin Mitnick, from hacker to king of cybersecurity

Apr 3, 2018 - El Sol de Acapulco, by Ana Mendoza

In the 90s, Mitnick put the FBI's research department in check by being the most wanted hacker in the United States.

Although Kevin Mitnick currently does not like to be called a hacker, the fact is that in the 90s he put the FBI investigation department in check by being the most wanted hacker in the United States.

Today, Mitnick has managed to transform those skills and become an important cybersecurity consultant for the companies against which he has tried at some time.

During his exhibition at Talent Land 2018 , an event held at Expo Guadalajara, he confessed that his taste for exploring in the computer world began at a young age since being a fanatic of magic he realized that the laws were not so restrictive.

At age 12, he ventured into phreaking (intrusion in telephone networks) , an activity that allowed him to call anywhere in the world without cost, just by entering a five-digit code. And it was from there that he learned the basics of social engineering, a tool that allowed him to commit his first cybernetic attacks, which he showed in front of all the attendees.

With these and other techniques Mitnick managed to access highly protected systems of technological giants such as Nokia and Motorola.

Nowadays he is an example of resilience since after being sentenced to five years in prison and released in 2002, he is a lecturer and directs his own security consultancy firm, Mitnick Security Consulting.