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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

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SEE LIVE: Jalisco Talent Land: the largest technology fair in Mexico

Feb 22, 2018 - Cambio16, by Staff

(Translated from Spanish using Google Translator)

From the 2nd to the 6th of April at the Guadalajara Expo the Jalisco Talent Land will take place. This conference will bring together the brilliant minds of technology. The event will be the perfect showcase for creatives and developers. Robotics and drones specialists will also have their doors open. In addition, there will be special virtual reality shows. "We have assembled the leading brands in the field of technology. It is the greatest talent and innovation event in Mexico, "says Pablo Antón , co-founder of Talent Network.

In this sense, more than 30 thousand young people can have meetings with leading brands in the sector. For example, Google, Adobe, Amazon, Bosch, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, BMW, Cabify and Uber are already confirmed. Pure titans of world technology.

Among the speakers are Chema Alonso ( chief data officer of Telefónica), Simone Giertz (youtuber and inventor), Julio (youtuber), Javier Santaolalla (ex-researcher at CERN) and Sophia , the most "human" robot that exists. In addition, Kevin Mitnick , a hacker wanted by the FBI and who now works as a computer consultant for millionaire people, will also offer a talk.

Jalisco Talent Land: the springboard of engineering

Pablo Antón and Raúl Martin , creators of Jalisco Talent Land  will make Mexico the epicenter of technology. The Jalisco government affirms that in seven years 250% more engineers will be needed . For five days, congress attendees will have 1,500 hours of talks and demonstrations. In addition, the most important topics, according to Entrepreneur , will be cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, mobility, culture, energy, smart cities, anti-corruption systems and financial inclusion.

Jalisco Talent Land wants a Guinness record. To achieve this, they will make the largest Hackathon in the world. The theme? 12 edges to try to solve social problems. In the same way, they will organize the most enormous robotics class to date with a quorum of one thousand students.

Faced with this panorama, Jalisco Talent Land will be the spearhead for the technological impulse of Latin America. As a result of all this effort, in 2017 Unesco recognized Guadalajara as the first Hispanic city in digital arts.

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