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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

Mitnick In The News


Cybersecurity, Increasing Concern

Aug 2, 2016 - El Blog Financiero de L, by Staff

Kevin Mitnick

In these times when cyber attacks are recurrent news in the media, - JP Morgan, Liverpool, Sony Pictures, the New York Stock Exchange is useful to remind the "original" hacker, Kevin Mitnick, who starred in the first 90s episodes of notoriety in cyber attacks. 

Tried and convicted, the FBI asked during his imprisonment that he would not have access to any communication device, only being allowed to make any phone calls, and only for fixed lines. 
His name has been forever identified with the topic and the "social engineering", the ability to compromise the security of the institutions through the human factor. 

Excerpts from an interview with him a few months ago: 

Q: Cyber ​​security is not, as of yet, a big concern in LatinAmerica, probably because hackers are targeting  the "big fish" so far. Should financial institutions in the region feel beyond danger? 

A: No, Because, as any type of business, when you are connected to the global internet, you are a target Immediately. When you connect, you lready have automated programs out there, looking for weaknesses to attack your systems, to gain control. 

Imagine walking into a bad neighborhood and worrying about being robbed. That is essentially what happens when you plug in your wire and access the internet. It is really Important to be proactive concerning the type of attacks that are out there. 

Recently in the US, Sony Pictures was ttacked. This is the first time a government has attacked another country's  business to punish them and cause economic and political humiliation, and it worked, to the point that Sony Pictures yanked the move, at some point. 

What if other companies bow down to the hackers? And it is not only a public embarrassment. Now they are after money, through extortion. Basically they tell the heads of the bank or a financial institution, unless you cooperate with us, we are not only going to expose your confidential information, we are going to destroy everything.

It is pretty scary. 

Q: Are there reasons, besides money, why Financial Institutions are preferred targets? 

A: PayPal, for example, has-been attacked by hackers, for political reasons, Because of the issue with Wikileaks, I am sure people that are familiar with. credit card associations have refused to make donations to the benefit of Wikileaks. because oftThis, some hackers have targeted some institutions in the industry. 

Translated from Spanish to English using Google Translate.