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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

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Black Hat Conference 2016 - Shielding technology to threats

Aug 4, 2016 - EL PAIS, by Jimenez Cano

Apple launches a program of bounty hunters to eliminate failures of their programs

Cybersecurity industry has grown from a field amateur to the top concern of businesses. Only affect computers, to become a focus of attention. As all industries have evolved computer security has ceased to be something that affects computers to be key to protecting phones, cars, camera surveillance systems, programmable gate, drones ... Everything is connected to the Internet. Consequently, it may be hackable . Black Hat, the largest cybersecurity conference that was held from July 30 to August 4 in Las Vegas, he has evolved from the hand of the industry. If a hotbed of kids whose hobby was breaking things become a place to find work.

Kevin Mitnick is a living legend, the epitome of the conversion from villain to hero. Your business card is still a crowbar. His life has been reflected in several films, now he gives talks all over the world, signing books and walks through the halls of Mandalay Bay hotel as a businessman more. The atmosphere of the convention, with more than 5,000 attendees who pay $ 2,000 for the entry is divided between the ties, mostly buyers of solutions, and short and sunglasses pants even if they are indoors, offering services in the form of advice , custom code or security patches.

During the last two decades it was considered that Mac computers did not have the virus. Nothing is further from reality, what happened was not spread, not Menelaus. Nor were an interesting target for hackers . Why put so much effort into a minority operating system when they could attack millions through Windows? Microsoft's operating system remains the gateway to large companies, institutions and governments. It is much more effective attack.

Martin Vigo, a Spanish engineer Salesforce security team, has published two errors in iOS. One that allows borrow money from a contact using Siri and Venmo application . Another, a hole that allowed spy calls Facetime, Skype equivalent to the block . The draft of this research has made ​​Apple for the first time, intervene publicly on an event of this type. Ivan Krstić, maximum head of the department, explained how Apple will strengthen data protection in iOS 10 its next operating system for mobile and tablets. Style Wild West, launched a bounty hunter system. The price, depending on the type and depth of the error, range between 25,000 and 200,000 dollars. Krstić invited to register in the program, but need not be registered for it. "They give all the credit, or remain anonymous, if desired, the author of each investigation , " he said. Facebook is one of the companies that encourages this type of fault management. In the case of Apple they have gone a step further. If the bounty hunter decides to give the money to charity, Apple may a similar additional amount donated.

The idea behind this move is that hackers most qualified head directly to Apple to report errors that add up instead of spread and endanger base increasingly wide customers. They are more than one billion iPhone's sold worldwide.