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It seems to be a universal truth that most people don't believe Social Engineering (gaining information by deceit) could be so easy. "No one could be that gullible" is a common phrase heard from people who first learn how these types of attacks work.

However, once demonstrated (especially with some personal information of theirs) they become hard and fast believers. Just seeing it in action brings home the reality that information can leak through most any worker and that one must always be on guard.

Through one or two-day training courses, Kevin will take you through case studies, examples, and methods of social engineering. By examining how attackers gather personal information, abuse trust, and choose their targets, you can be more prepared to prevent these incidents. View the Two-Day Social Engineering Course Outline and see how Kevin will help guide you and your company towards policy, security, and an informed workforce that can provide protection against future attacks on your company.
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05/23-05/26 London, UK
05/29-05/30 California, USA
06/03-06/04 Texas, USA
06/09-06/10 Kansas, USA
06/11-06/11 Toronto, Canada
06/22-06/26 California, USA
06/30-07/02 Atlanta, USA
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