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Employee Background Checks
Your employees are your front line in protecting your intellectual property from those who shouldn't have access to it. However, if you haven't explored the history of your employees, they may very well be the people you don't want accessing your most important data. Your company must also be aware of the current trend of "negligent hiring" claims being made around the country. In the case where an employee does harm to a client, another employee, or a business associate, your company could be held liable if you failed to perform the proper background checks before hiring them.

Mitnick Security Consulting can help provide you the information you need to make the correct hiring decision, protecting both your company and your data.

Intrusion Investigation
Mitnick Security Consulting can investigate documented intrusion attempts in to your network and situations where data was actually compromised. Through investigation, you can find the source of the attack, techniques used, and how to correct these flaws. While it is always best to stop attacks before they happen, it is important to investigate any possible compromise of your intellectual property.
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